Hello world!

It is the 10th of January and the registration has gone through. Finally, inDirection Games is a legal entity and no longer just an abstract idea in my head. While still mostly on paper, the company represents a journey’s beginning. It is also a foundational piece in place to start showing off my game to the world. From hereon, my work is public!

Why now?

I started working on my game full-time already in March 2021, or even earlier if you count the hobby tinkering. My first goal was to prove to myself that I would be able to finish a game with the knowledge and tech I had. It took half a year before I got there and felt comfortable with fully committing to what I had going. Comfortable enough that it was time to start showing the game.

First things first, however. I needed a plan on how to approach the whole publishing bit. While I always intended to go through my own company, I hadn’t planned the surrounding logistics. Turns out, founding a company required some steps to think through and implement. Who would have thought?

During Q4, I was working through my task list of creating inDirection Games. Some steps taking more time than others. I also continued game development in parallel, which on some days delayed me. I had all the paperwork ready well before the 2021 holidays but with COVID-19 and people taking days off, I knew it would be a while before they got approved.

In the end, I got an early 2022 start instead of the late 2021 that I initially hoped for. But better late than never!

What now?

All that is left is to get the public-facing company bits up, such as this website and a Twitter profile for inDirection Games. Afterwards, I will go back to full-steam-ahead game development. This time while putting it all on display.

Scary stuff!