Announcing ‘Horticular’


After a long time of waiting, logistics, and preparation, I am excited to finally announce Horticular, with its accompanying website and steam page.

Horticular is a relaxing garden-builder, in which you are summoned by mysterious gnomes to reclaim a long-lost garden.

Enter a magical world where you build up and expand a lush garden at your own pace. In your journey, you attract adorable animals to inhabit every corner; uncover helpful upgrades; and assist quirky characters for rewards and story development—all while juggling decay and fending off corruption sent by your nemesis!

If you have been reading the newsletter, you will know that there has been lots of behind-the-scenes work, not all without its troubles, to get a steam page up. Now that the hurdle has been overcome, it is finally high time to move onwards toward a future release!

You can expect Horticular in 2023 (on a once-it-is-done schedule). But before then, there will be devlogs over at

I am excited to share more in the coming months!

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